by - March 03, 2014

On Wed night I was eating dinner with some friends. McKay called me to tell me I needed to come home because Lexi was in an accident. It was loud and i didn't think it was anything but a broken bone.

Upon arriving they told us she would not make it. They could probably keep her "alive" until everyone was able to say goodbye. That was a really hard thing to hear. It broke my heart

I will fast forward a few days and skip some things and let you know that we have been on the receiving end of miracle after miracle. It has been humbling and has caused me to re-evaluate.

Thank you all for your prayers and your faith. 
After fasting on Sunday, here was the update on her FB page #prayforlexihansen
You can follow that link to get daily updates. While Lexi has improved against all odds, her road will still be a long one. You can read more here

We had the most amazing experience today at the end of everyone's fast. Lexi opened her eyes and kept them open for nearly an hour while we sang hymns to her as a family. While we were singing, she hand signed I love you, moving her arm around so that everyone could see. She then reached for each person's hands individually so she could squeeze them. We could hardly sing due to the tears streaming down our face. We knew we were witnessing a miracle. 

It was a very powerful and spiritual moment, and we know it was because of all the prayers and fasts offered in her behalf. Our God is indeed a God of miracles. We love our Lexi!

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