We love National Parks

by - March 11, 2014

I feel like a hypocrite when it comes to hiking. In theory, I love it. At some point I realized that its not really fair to say " I love hiking" when I don't do it... or do it grudgingly. So, I made up my mind that while were were here in Utah, I would actively seek out hikes.

In Aug we came back from our internship. (which we spent the whole summer swimming all day). So every week I would pack up the kids in the bike trailer and I would peddle them through the mountains. We would be out for hours and come back covered in dirt and sweat. We loved it.

Then the Winter came.

Bleh. I do not like Winter one bit.

While Winter has not given way entirely to Spring, we are savoring each sunny day. We decided to take a break and leave the house messy, the laundry waiting to folded and homework that needed to be done and go to Caynonlands National Park.

For my birthday we went to Arches. In keeping with tradition, we enjoyed the Southern Utah weather for our little buddy's birthday

taking every opportunity to build up the rock trails

he's not so good at realizing he can't run down the mountainside... 

a few tears are allowed on your birthday

can you see the three of them on the very tip top of Whale Rock?
Canyonlands reminded me of the of God. Everywhere we looked I saw evidence of Him. Jaedyn has even taken to finding rocks that look like hearts. I think she got the idea from her Aunt Cassidy.
Its humbling to see these incredible formations and to picture them being made... carved out by the ever flowing Colorado river. I think life is that way, ever changing even if it doesn't seem like it is. Perhaps when I die and will look back and see how both the day-to-day experiences and the big ones shaped me.

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