In the last 30 days

by - May 18, 2014

Time flys when you are having fun. While this pregnancy has been one that makes me progressive more and more tired, we have been making a really big effort to make the most of our remaining time in Utah and without newborns.

I decided to summarize what our little family has been up to this past month. And maybe in another month I will post again. (photos are not in order)

-McKay graduated from BYU's MBA program in Marketing

-Jaedyn completed her first year of dance

-Keo got his first stitches (well, one stitch to be accurate)

-Spent 4 days on a cruise with friends w/o any kids  (Thank you SO MUCH Mom for watching our kids for 3 weeks!!)
-Picked the kids up from the airport after the cruise and spent 5 days at Disneyland

-Went to the Grand Canyon for a day

-Tried to go to Yellowstone (it was closed) so we went to the Grand Tetons instead
-Grew out of half of my maternity clothes

-Packed up our apartment and moved
-Put our Utah home on the market
-Flew to Texas and found a place to live for the next year
-McKay has been catching up on golfing, tennis, and mountain biking

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