Ruby and Goldyn

by - September 10, 2014

There is a Perisan saying "Children are the bridge to Heaven."


There is something so beautiful about children and childbirth. Is it that you, as a woman, are creating something? And not just something... but a human. A person. A spirit and body combined to come to earth and to be taught and raised and loved and treasured. Shelby Osmond took these photos. They girls are only THREE DAYS OLD. I am SO happy that they were captured at such a young age. Fresh from Heaven. Every time I look at the photos (which are weekly), I remember everything. Finding out McKay and I were expecting, Then to find out we were having twins. What it felt like to carry them for 37 weeks and the pain and joy at bringing them into this world. 

Shelby not only does lifestyle photography, but she was recently on KSL Studio 5 sharing her tips for home video. I wouldn't call them home videos... what she does is way more than your typical video. Be sure to check it out

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