Awkward and Awesome

by - October 28, 2014

In my goal to re-claim that girl I was, I am reintroducing the Awkward and Awesome.. for your reading enjoyment here are my favorites from the past little bit:

1. Walking out the back and seeing that my old man neighbor is wearing a shirt... JUST a shirt.
2. We are potty training over here (much to my objection actually). Took my little guy to the bathroom and after I am done, he says "good job mommy, good job pooping"....
3. My friend pointing out that the liner to one of our car seats has poop in it. And I'm pretty sure its a few days old. Hmmm... so that's where that smell was coming from.
4. I can't even count the times I have been to the gym and realize that I did not brush my teeth. To my credit, we go 4-5x a week at 8:30a and I have to get 4 little ones PLUS myself ready and out the door. My deepest apologies to whoever talks to me. At least I remember deodorant....
5. Trying to order a giro and shwarma. For some CRAzY reason, my mouth keeps saying Flaffle and Shwarma. It. was. ridiculous.
6. Keo smashing his mac n cheese then butter into the rug. AFTER painting it and the white wall purple. I later found him half-face- painted in Destitin and smelling awfully like my powder fresh secret deodorant. Yes... this was all on the same day and within and hour.

1. I'm 7 for 7 in waking up early to read my scriptures AND getting ready for the day. that includes hair and make up. I know!!! hold your applause please.
2. Look whose blogging again?!
3. I'm finally enjoying homeschooling my 6 yr old. Its only taken me 3 month to get to this place
4. I've made it down to 150lbs. Its been hard but I'm getting there. Only 30lbs to go... ugh
5. Signed up for a 10k. Its in 6 months. Doing a 5k at Thanksgiving then hopefully training for a Tri with McKay for the early summer time.
6. Just the fact that my phone is still working as I type this is pretty awesome. Dear Christmas, please come quick

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