Family Rules

by - November 10, 2014

You've seen them around the web and even in stores. But, have you ever really thought about what YOUR FAMILY RULES are?

I am an ambassador for Power of Mom's. (One day Maybe I will graduate to writer). I started out going to Learning Circles and really loved it. Y'know, the material wasn't new. It wasn't anything I hadn't heard before. But there was a bonding that took place those nights that I really loved.

One of my friends I met there, Danielle, gave a presentation about the five rules her family has. Only FIVE?!?! How could that be? And then she explained it and it all made sense. I really really loved that there was only five. Sometimes I feel like there are too many rules for little people and it has always rubbed me wrong. So five, heck yes!

It took a lot of thought. It took a lot of prayer. It took a lot of picturing what these rules would like for our family in a week, in 5 years, in 20 years. I didn't want them too broad nor too specific. I wanted them to really fit.

We had a family night where we talked about families and rules. Later that week, my husband and I cam up with these 6. yes SIX. I know its not five. It was hard enough to narrow it down to those but I really feel like these are rules we can live by. They are rules that will make us happy and keep us from going crazy.

We also have a family motto. Again, this is something that is not to be taken lightly. We have gone through a few over the years and none have really stuck. Until now. Ours is simple: 

Always Follow The Prophet

And, since I am on a roll, do you have a family cheer? Ours developed from our little 2.5 yr old boy. He has been bestowed, already, with a crazy obsession of BYU. And the end of our nighttime family prayers, we all put our hands in a pile and say


It's ok. I know you are jealous. Actually, stop being jealous and start one for YOUR family. We have the family rules both downstairs and upstairs. We used to have our motto really big in vinyl in our last place. Right in the living room under our family photo. I loved it. And every night, we all look forward to our family cheer. Weird, I know. But also pretty cool. 

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