MUST HAVES for Twins. Actually, for any baby really

by - November 08, 2014

The weather has been really just dreamy here the past few weeks. 

We have LOVED going to the park... like everyday. 

Since we have chosen to homeschool, I have all 4 of my children with me most all day long. If you know me, then you knew very well that I am not the kind of person who does well at home day after day. Regardless of the fun things we do IN-home and all the learning and growing, we all LOVE to be outdoors. 

Living in the city (i think its called urban-living) requires some adjustment. So does having a toddler and a newborn(s). Here is my very professional list of MUST-Haves. I'm not kidding. Its worth it. 

I got mine a few years ago (like 5) off their outlet sale. I have NEVER EVER regretted it. I used it as a diaper bag, carry-on, camera bag and, on occasion, a pillow. The boxy backpack is on sale here for $129. Mine has really been through it all. Multiple kids, multiple countries, multiple uses... and it still looks so beautiful. 

I wasn't every going to get these. Usually I keep the car seats in the car and put the babies in the stroller. HOWEVER, I am so happy I have them! Sometimes, it is easier for me to just take the babies in their car-seats vs moving them to the stroller. And, the canopy also can be used as a blanket which has been a lifesaver on occasion. 

-Eco-smart Planet lunch boxes
Smartest. Idea. Ever. Well, as for as lunch boxes go. We have 4 and use them daily. I get SO many compliments and people asking where I got mine. I got them on a sale at But you can get them on Amazon or Walmart

-Valco Stroller
I cannot imagine my life without this. Seriously. I also got the stroller board and it has been incredible to be at the zoo or the park or even church and have the babies lay down. In a few months they will be out of the bassinet and into the seats. It fits in the back of my minivan with room for groceries and fits through EVERY door we have come across.

-Post partum stuff
Squeem corsset Its nice to have all the lumps and bumps smoothed out. While I am a far cry from what I was pre-pregnancy, this baby has really helped me fit into my shirts once again.

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