If I was homeless---

by - May 21, 2015

Kids really say funny things. The other day, Jaedyn saw a pretty bridge-type thing at to zoo. It went like this

Jaedyn: Hey Mom! If I was homeless, I would want to live under this bridge!!! Can you take my picture?

I mean, uhm... I had no idea 1) how she knew those that were homeless found shelter under bridges and 2) I am still stuck on 1. ^^^

Keo gives everyone a run for his money.But he comes up with the funniest things. Our living arrangements most of  his whole life has been... tight. For instance---

We went to look at homes to buy. We tour this one home in particular that I still dream about. Jaedyn runs up the stairs and immediately claims her room. Then Keo runs into the room next to it and goes straight to the--- closet.
Keo: MOM!!!! MOM!!!! Wook!!! Here is my woom!!!!
Me: Oh buddy. Need to get this kid into a house!

the other night I am putting him to bed. Lately he has only been wanting mom and there is a strict order of things. I constantly tell myself and anyone else for that matter--- that between his need for exact order and his limitless supply of energy, that kid is going to change the world. But I digress.

So I was getting ready to do the bedtime routine and just as I was about to start, he begins to do crunches. And then he startes counting...21, 22,23,24,26,2010!

Me: Yeah buddy, that's how I like to start counting my crunches too.

Ruby and Goldyn just say momma and dada a lot. I won't deny it, my heart melts every time. 

 Finally, tonight at dinner Jaedyn starts to tell us about her favorite hobbies. So she asks McKay and he says "spending time with my family" and I add "working out". She replies "Hey! That's the same thing as mom!" I didn't even tell her what it was. I did add after that I like to read and plan fun things to to.
Keo chimes in next "eating spaghetti!" What???!!! Ok, awesome hobby buddy. And so true.
jaedyn: Well Keo, what is your favorite thing to have for dinner? His reply: IKE CWEAM! And macrawroni and chweese.

This bunch if mine sure keeps it fun and full of laughter around here. Which is good because I'll be honest, 4 kids in 5 years is way hard. Like all of the time.

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