Happy Birthday Ruby and Goldyn

by - August 10, 2015

We had a great birthday party a few weeks ago. Actually, we had a great birthday 3 days after we closed on our house. It was crazy getting everything moved, unpacked and then set up for the party/house warming party. And thankfully I had two wonderful busy bees helping me unpack. NOT my kids. My SIL and Aunt who are also awesome friends come over after the movers(ward members and missionaries) left and pretty much unpacked everything for me.

The theme was Minnie Mouse and yes, I did go a little overboard. But one thing I have learned is that I like going overboard! I like having parties and I have gotten used to taking people up on offers to help. Without the help in unpacking and the help of others bringing food for the party, it would have been really hard.

Mimi Pop Shop made our Minnie Mouse cake pops. She delivers/mails them folks so be sure to order only from her! (She made Avenger pops for Keo's birthday and now it has become a tradition to have cake pops) I wish I would have gotten a better picture. The bowl was at the door so folks could grab one on the way out as our Thank You for coming.

The rompers are from ThinkPinkBows. Shipping was super fast and they were really affordable. Double bonus!

Everything else you see I already had or I got from Oriental Trading. I love that place. I can browse online, get free and fast shipping, and there is always a 20% discount so its the perfect price point for parties.

Our littler guests LOVED our big backyard! We love having so much space now. Nothing is more fun than a big pile of dirt and some water!

can you tell the girls really wanted nothing to do with the smash cakes? Jaedyn was the same way. Keo--was not.

They started to ward up to it. 
I think mostly out of curiosity. 

But, the sugar finally won them over.... 
and a few other kids as well~ !!

It wouldn't be a successful day of partying and photo taking without a few crazy faces thrown in. I mean, check out those crazy eyes!!!
by the end, we all were a little tired and feeling a bit like this. 

Thank you SO MUCH for all the help, advice, meals, and love this past year. At times it felt really really long but here we are, a year later. And I feel like time is slipping through my hands at a rapid pace. 

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