loving the outdoors

by - January 22, 2016

We have been on the nice list for the weather fairy these past few days. Well, not like today per-say. Its been windy and freezing and I have had to cover my gardenias that I am a little too desperate to grow. But in general, the last few weeks we have had really lovely weather. And like any good momma, I basically wouldn't let my kids come inside.

Can't you tell how heartbroken they were??! haha I couldn't even get them to come in for lunch. Needless to say we have had lots of picnics.

On a totally unrelated note....

Every try to take a photo of a super cute toddler? Well try it when that super cute toddler is moving at warp speeds. Pretty sure they will turn out like these

Our Ruby at 18 month old.  We are half way there to magical age of 3.

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