Oh Philly. We love you too.

by - March 13, 2016

Even months later, Jaedyn will come up to me and say "mom, I loved that Franklin Institute. That's my favorite place. Do you think we can go again and see the Hippos and pick apples?" And every time I reply "Yes, sweetie. We sure can." I sure wouldn't mind going back either! I mean, I had waited my whole 33 years to see the Liberty Bell and it was really quite striking. We saw every historical thing you could see... from the oldest street in America to where they signed the Bill of Rights to the Prison.

We journeyed out of Philly to visit our dear friends. Oh man, we sure were spoiled! Talk about getting first class service! We picked apples, had dinner with a few friends, ate the best Italian food I have ever had and stayed up late talking. The kids were in absolute HEAVEN being able to play together again.

Philly and the surrounding areas were so beautiful. We spent a day at Gettysburg. History came alive and it really gave me such a deeper sense of gratitude for our Country AND it seemed really obvious that God had his hand in the country winning independence. 

Thank you to Grandma who came and stayed with the twins so we could go on this trip! It really was such a bonding experience for us and Keo and Jaedyn seemed to love having us be able to give more attention to them. 

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