Keo turned four!

by - May 21, 2016

And I am fairly certain that happened overnight! 


Thankfully my parents were in town and McKay is so good at coming up with games. 

My sister emailed me a list of ideas a few days before the party. THANK You! 

we "won" this cake at a service auction

Jaedyn helped by labeling all the food

my dad made Keo this sandbox for his birthday

It't like he was this big little newborn baby and then all of the sudden, he is this boy who loves to tell jokes, floss his teeth, stay up late "reading" and talking his dad into playing video games at bedtime. 


Keo calls her Kay-La-La and is set on marrying her

We wanted to really celebrate him so we decided to have him plan a birthday party. 
He did a great job and loved helping to plan... and making sure we took lots of photos to boot!

He was so fun to watch and loved every minute of the attention. 
Our Keo is going to do great things. 
He is fearless, a protector of all that is good, and he has such a keen intellect. 

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