Mostly crap on TV

by - May 05, 2016

I once heard a power couple give advice. One thing they said was find a brainless show to watch on TV together. For them, it was Biggest Loser.

Over the years we have enjoyed watching shows like Amazing Race, Merlin, Once upon a Time, and the cartoon version of X-men even. 

Recently though, there just hasn't been much to watch on TV. We did start watching Poldark-- but its a very short series. So, now we are in the no TV slump and I wonder how will we be a power couple if we can't watch TV together??!!! 

Let me preface and say that the mentioned couple above used that time to catch up with eachother. It was a set aside time to reconnect. I know people can do this so many ways other than TV but, there is something to be said about TV. I know there are terrible things on it. However, there are also beautiful and educational and emotional things to experience as well. 

That's how I felt about the Eleventh Hour on Feeln TV

Feeln TV is like Hulu or Netflix. Its a paid streaming service. BUT... its all heartfelt-feel-good movies. Shows that make you think, make you internalize and make you FEEL GOOD after watching them. 

There is a new show called The Eleventh . The Eleventh is a Feeln original drama series that focuses on a young girl's journey to getting to know her estranged grandmother in order to bring closure to the past and unite her family.

"People aren't good or bad. They are complicated." That is one of my favorite parts of the show. I have been able to see a few long clips of the show. I think that this show does a really great job at showing how hard how empowering forgiveness can be.

Watch full episodes of The Eleventh on Feeln and be sure to check out the many many many other shows they have. You will probably recognize a lot of the cast members too!

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