Our Experience at Camp Grady Spruce

by - March 31, 2017

Every month, a bunch of us girls go out. On a recent outing, we ended up at the bowling ally and talking about where in Texas to camp. And that is how I found out about Camp Grady Spruce.

So, I looked it up, called the camp, and sent out emails to all my Texas family. We ended up with 3 families and shared 2 cabins.

The weekend was really fun and full of cousins laughing, jumping off the dock, lots of burnt marshmallows and non-stop fun. There was only ONE downside really... the cabins were kinda dirty and kinda run down. The facility is used mostly for summer camp for teens so they are only really sleep in them. So I get it. We would probably go back for Memorial Day or Labor Day weekend so we could swim etc.

Aside from the cabins, it was great really. And lets be honest, kids really don't care and the adults that went were pretty relaxed about everything. Another huge plus!!

 Possum Kingdom Lake
 Early morning fishing on the dock
 horse back riding

 riflery with air pellets
 hunger games training
 barge ride to Hells Gate
 hike at the top of Hells Gate
 canoeing on Possum Kingdom lake
All the cousins minus the two babies
And a photo on the last day of a great weekend together!

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