Soccer came and went

by - April 08, 2017

 We just finished up a 6 week soccer team. It was SO much fun. That's one of the things I LOVE about homeschooling is that there really is so much support where I live. This was a homeschool soccer team and we are excited to do it again in the fall.

 Keo was seriously on pins and needles all week for Friday to roll around. Can you tell his favorite position was goalie?! I keep cracking up at his expression. Its like one of those great moments you find you captured when you review your shots.
 Don't mind his middle finger. I PROMISE he was not flipping anyone off. hahaha!

Jaedyn, Breezy, Caroline, and Clair. I love this group of friends she has and they have been such blessings to us. And their mommas? Let me tell you what---lifesavers. Nothing short of that would describe them properly. 

Now onto Goldyn and Ruby. They really were great cheerers and loved to come. Although, I suspect it has to do with the treats at the end.... 
on a side note.... don't they look so grown up now! Geesh! My babies will be THREE this summer and I feel like that milestone has come so much faster with them than with the other two. 

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