My first Blog!

by - April 30, 2008

So Makana has been doing all the blogging for our family (and she has been doing a great job at it too I must say). But as we don't have Internet at the home and I am working late hours, I rarely do anything on the Internet but check my Email. So, while she is having fun in Hawaii, I decided that I would write. So, thanks to my next door neighbors, the Fulmers, who graciously let me use their Internet I'm giving it a shot. Well first, I better address the subject of outplaying our puppy and then we'll get onto more serious subject matter. Our puppy is a handful to say the least. He was a gift from Makana's best friend Emily and we've had a great time with him. But does he ever have a lot of energy... Yesterday, I had a meeting at my house for my calling and one of the guys (Alan) brought his little girl over (Kimberly). He got so excited to see her and just ran straight at her and jumped up and just knocked her right over. I thought for sure that she would start balling, but she just got up (a little dazed) and started playing with him. I'm glad it was her because the neighbor kids would have been crying for an hour. Well the other day he was bouncing off the walls so I decided to wrestle with him. Normally I only do it for 10 minutes, but this time I decided I was going to outlast him. I was pretty rough with him just like he wants it (he is a little boy after all) and just kept going. I was getting pretty worn out myself, but I just kept telling myself "Come on, can't you beat a little puppy dog?" Well he would go get a drink and I'd get a drink and we would go at it again. I would grab him and wrestle him to the ground and then get up and start running around the room and he would be chasing me. I finally was getting tired of this exercise so I decided to overcome by sheer weight (I do outweigh him after all like 15:1). After a number of these maneuvers he was finally done. I would get down like I usually do and egg him on so he would come charge me, but he wasn't having any of it and went and took a drink and laid down. I was victorious! My wife and I celebrated by putting him down for the night and watching some TV without a noisy dog licking our faces or our feet.

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