Loved Hawaii.. love my husband more

by - May 12, 2008

Well, Aloha!
I just though I would add a few pictures up here to rather that having you look through the more lengthy one down further on the page. We started off in Oahu and met up with Robbie who is going to BYUH there. A few days of surfing, snorkeling, jumping off of rocks. lots of shaved ice and even more rice and kaulua pork... we got on the super ferry.
A few hours later we landed on Maui and met up with our cousin Trisha Tupou (who served in Brasil with my brother-in-law J.D). We stayed at an AMAZING hotel, the Westin on Maui and
did some more swimming, night pool basketball, tennis, snorkeling and shopping. We played in Lanai at the old Banyan tree. It is over an acre big and has 16 main trunks to it. Now if you have yet to see a banyan tree, the far right picture. The root actually grow sown from the leaves to the ground. It is just amazing!!
I spent a lot of time outside and with my little niece Kalani and little brother Seth. We were the 3 musketeers. Kalani would kiss my tummy each morning and night and in between and tell me how she is going to feed Malia and change her diapers and especially how to color the Disney Princess coloring books. All very important.
Well, after 16 days of being gone from my fantastic husband, i returned home. And while i was gone he re-furbished an old dresser four our daughter! It is white with green diamonds.. and yes, pictures of the beautiful dresser are soon to follow....

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