Shelby's Engaged!

by - May 24, 2008

My kid sister Shelby got engaged this past week on a beautiful Wednesday night. Brandon J Osmond (yes those Osmonds) asked for her hand in the quiet solitude of the Provo Canyon Mountains near Sundance. I'm sure the ghost of Butch Cassidy was there smiling down on them during this momentous occasion. They will be wed the 6th of August in the Salt Lake Temple and I couldn't be happier for them. He took her up the canyons to a place they had gone on one of their first dates. She had no idea what was coming, as Brandon told her that it was to be a double date. I wasn't there, but am sure she shed a tear or two at the prospect of enjoying eternal bliss with her beloved Brandon (Wow, this is good stuff...I should be a romance writer!) Then to top it all off, Robert Redford was gracious enough to allow them to eat dinner at one of his famous restaurants at his beautiful Sundance Resort (which by the way, relies completely on renewable sources for its energy consumption...such as wind and solar. Oh yes, Robert is doing his part to mitigate the effects of global warming). He even threw in one of his best waiters to serve them and take pictures of the happy couple.

Congratulations Shelby and Brandon! Here's to you and a wonderful future together.

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