Snuggle time...

by - June 02, 2008

It is almost hard to think that only a few weeks ago there were snow storms powdering the mountains! These past few days have been fantastic and even hot enough to kill a handful of my pretty pansies. I thought I would just take a moment to chat about how lucky I am. Almost every morning and withour fail on Saturdays since we have been married, I get to snuggle with my sweetheart. I love it especcially in the spring and summer time when it gets light at 6 am because the light wakes us up and the whole world is still quiet so we get to enjoy precious moments of just snuggling. I have come to look forward to it each day... and since I am not a morning person, it makes me all the more happier when daylight trickles in.
Now, I can picture this arubtly ending once our little Jadyn joins us. However, I think it will be quiet the treat to incorporate her into our snuggle time and all three of us can snuggle together and marvel at how richly blessed we are.

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