“Some folks look at me and see a certain swagger, which in Texas is called "walking."”

by - June 16, 2008

There's an old saying in Tennessee - I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee...that says, fool me once, shame on...shame on you. Fool me...you can't get fooled again.

Well, you got it... we will be heading out to Texas soon. July 9th to be exact. This is an exciting move for us and one that we feel is the right one for us. I can't even begin to explain the events that have just dominoes to lead us to our next new adventure. We will be in Houston, TX. Actually, we will be in Cypress, TX which is a suberb of Houston. Houston is absolutely HUGE. I guess so is Texas. Well, i will leave all of the juicy details to be told to my adoring and wonderful husband. I am the English major here and yet he still out writes and out describes me.

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