Let's play pretend

by - July 14, 2008

When I was a young tyke, I had the BEST imagination. I would pretend that I was a princess held captive by an evil step-mother, or that I a long-lost twin emerge after years of not knowing her or that I could fly or that... well, you get the point. I love to write fiction and watch drama's and, on occasion, I have been known to be a tad bit dramatic myself.

Well, one of the most real-pretend worlds I lived in was with my two fantastic imaginary friends; Sally and Marci. I think they were inspired from the Peanuts comic strips. They were so very real to me and would go on vacation to exotic places and have amazing adventures in far-away lands with unicorns, dragons, giants, and just about whatever else a little girl thinks of. My favorite memory that my mom like to relate is that of when my uncle came over with his brand new red truck. I just looked at it and said "Sally and Marci's dad has a new truck. And their's has rainbows on it." I then smartly marched away. No doubt with my nose a bit high in the air.

I think that playing pretend and having a fantastic imagination are essential. And so when I came across the below article I had to share it with all of my faithful readers. Enjoy!

Let's pretend!
• At your baby shower, pretend you understand how the diaper disposal system works. (I got that one under control, it's the breast feeding I am stuck on)!
• When installing your car seat, pretend your partner doesn't seem like an extra from The Planet of the Apes.
• Pretend it was the dog who farted. (I hardly ever farted compared to how much I expel now)!!!!!
• Pretend that onion rings are part of the "best-baby" diet. (I would have to say German pancakes and nachos)
• Pretend your prenatal vitamin is buried at the bottom of the ice cream container. (Amen to that)!!!

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