Our Little Sleeping Beauty....

by - September 15, 2008

So..... I hope that you enjoy a few of these pictures. We have been getting used to the way our camera works and I think we finally have got the hang of all the features... well, most. Anyhow, as McKay said, we have a BABY! Our not-so-little Jaedyn Maliana Hansen was born on September 12 at 3:22 am. She weighed in at 8.5 pounds and measured 20 inches long. The delivery went really well and we had a great Doctor and incredible nurses the entire time. I delivered at Methodist Willowbrook and highly reccomend it if you are in the area.

My water broke at about noon but I was not wanting to go into the hospital only to be sent walking around the mall or home until the contractions start. So I spent the next 4 hours making sure the house was clean and cooking dinner. When McKay came home I called into the hospital to see what they thought; if I should come in or stay. About an hour later they called back and said to come in so at 5:30pm I was admitted to the hospital.
The contractions started pretty quickly after I was admitted and I went all natur`al for the first few hours. WOW.... OUCH!!! I was able to finally get a epidural and very soon I couldn't feel anything from about my chest down. Not even the pressure from the contractions. Looking at how hard the contractions were on the screen following I was very glad to not feel anything. McKay and I slept for the next few hours until I was dialated enough to push. Only 20 minutes later we welcomed our little miracle Jaedyn into the world.
We are so happy and both have become complelty smitten by this little girl. She has us both easily around her 10 perfect little fingers. McKay is wonderful at changing her and burping her for me and has to be sure he gets his baby time to hold her and play with her each day.
She has dark brown hair but the tips are blond and her eyes are blue thus far. She is pink and plump and loves to sleep and it is difficult to get her awake when it is time to eat. She loves to sleep with her hands above her head and be stretched out as far as she can go. We just feel so blessed and love her so much.

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