Stimluate this!

by - January 28, 2009

It is a sad day when citizens of the USA can not have hope or faith in their elected leaders. Unfortunatly, that day seems that it is on the horizon...if not already here. A $825 BILLION (yes, I said billion) "stimulus" package is getting ready to be voted on. This is also known as The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. That is a LOT of money. If every single homeowner was issued a check for $17,000 dollars, that would equal the amount proposed (thanks to Gelnn Beck for the math). And I would not turn my head at a check in the mail. Don't expect it though. The offices of many elected officals have been just flooded with calls and emails to vote against passing this "stimulus" plan. Only 11 Dems voted against along with all of the 112 Reps. It is more like another bailout plan to me only with added bonuses for those in power. All I can say is, President Lincoln must be rolling in his grave about THIS one! So how much will even be spent his year? Only a small $26 billion. My advice, let us all stop paying our taxes and just keep the money we earn to ourselves. Obviously, we would not have to pay it back unless we are going to be elected.

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