Mr. Dungbeetle. The FUNNIEST movie we have ever seen

by - March 10, 2009

McKay and I first saw this movie on a whim when we lived in Provo. It is an Indi-film and was debuting at the LDS film festival. The producer, Thomas Russel, is a professor at BYU Provo in the Media Dept.

Please, please, please.. click here to see a few clips. They are hidden in the bars on the right side. Here is the synopsis: A troubled psychiatrist is assigned to search for five schizophrenics who have escaped from a local mental institution. Ignoring his own issues, he shoulders the responsibilities of his calling and heads out into the wilderness to find them. After joining them at their mountain outpost, he finds the escaped patients are being "cured" by a charismatic leader. The doctor soon finds himself in a life-changing situation.

I actually emailed Professor Russell to see when it would be coming out on DVD. He is not sure because the rights were sold or something like that. Anyhow, it has made several appearances at various Indi-film places. Hopefully it will make to Houston so we can see it one more time!

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