THE Shetland Cattle Story

by - March 22, 2009


I know that its been a while since I posted so I thought I would share this funny story that Makana mentioned in her previous post. First of all, I want to say that Scotland is beautiful! I can only imagine how it would look in the summer when all the trees are green and blooming. I love the people and their accents and the history of the place. I wouldn't mind living there a couple of summers either.

Now before I share this story, let me tell you how wonderful my wife is and how incredibly bright she is. I think that she just takes for granted how smart she is and doesn't think things through all the way before she says them.

So we were going on the Scotland coastal trail and had just seen the ruins of Slains castle. It was located on top of some cliffs with a spectacular view of the ocean. Along the car ride we stopped and admired several of the spectacular sights and vistas that the trail had to offer.

We were following the Farley's and at one juncture, they slowed down and pulled off the road and stopped and pointed off into the farm yard to the left where we saw some very hairy animals. We snapped a few pictures like the one below.

We then traveled to our next stop and on the way I remarked to Makana how neat it was that we got to see some Shetland ponies right off the road. She acted confused and said, "we haven't seen any Shetland ponies." I was now confused and said "But we just stopped and took pictures of them!" To this she responded that those weren't Shetland ponies, but were in fact the cattle that Matt and Tia had seen quite often in Scotland.

"Those weren't cattle, they were ponies!" I said incredulously. Stubbornly she said "No, they had long hair just like the ones in Matt and Tia's pictures, they were just younger and so weren't as big." (Oh really, and do these cattle also have long manes like ponies and really short hair on the rest of their body? Do they also have the really long horse faces too because those animals we just saw had all those features)

Anyway, she was so sure of herself, that I began to doubt myself if I actually knew what they were, still I was pretty confident in my initial judgement and decided to ask Matt at the next stop.

So at the next stop, I got up the courage to ask (and risk looking stupid myself for even asking). "Weren't those Shetland ponies that we saw back there Matt?" He said yes, which meant I got to gloat. "I told you Makana, they WERE ponies!" I didn't want to push it further than that to help her save face, but she did that herself. "Really Matt? I was sure that they were cattle because they had long hair." When Matt and Tia heard that, they both had a pretty good laugh and explained to Makana that the Highland Cattle
had long hair all over. Well that served as a running joke the rest of the trip. Whenever we saw horses, we'd refer to them as "Shetland cattle." But who can blame her for such an innocent mistake. I mean can't you see the similarities between the two? You be the judge.

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