Super Saturday!

by - March 16, 2009

On Saturday we saw and did a whole lot! It started off with Slanis Castle, Bullers of Buchen, Boddam Lighthouse, Duff House in Banff, Lunch at the Bakery, Tolquen Castle, Haddow House, ate out at the Cavery Pub for dinner. We took the coastal route and it was just breathtaking. I am trying to get McKay to post something so maybe if enough people request he tell the story of the Shetland Cattle.. he will talk about it. It is actually something goofy that I did and it is pretty funny if I do say so myself.

My sister made these yummy piece of heaven. I am not a big fan of chocoalte.. or of carmel for that matter. But I could not keep my hands off of this! I posted the recipe on StoreUP!

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