A little more about us

by - May 19, 2009

It has been brought to my attention (via Tina) that I haven't posted anything much about our new place. You can click here to get to the website. We are now in a two bedroom apt but it is pretty spacious and we really like it. We are on the third, (yes I said third) floor and you have got to see how hot my legs look now! :) McKay's aren't bad either.

We have a little potted garden... a pepper, two tomato plants, sweet basil, mint, cilantro, flowers, a plumeria tree and onions.

We love our ward, still live a close 20 minutes from the Temple, and have great neighbors (read "no one") and yesterday, a swarm of bees (HUGE SWARM

We are planning some fun trips this year.... Austin, TX. Dallas, TX, Las Vegas, Florida and maybe the carribean.... who knows. Maybe more if we can get into any more time-share meetings! :)

Oh, and on a sad note, after this week there is no more PrisonBreak. Legend of the Seeker, At least I still have a few books to get through this summer!

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