The Michael Scott Paper Company

by - May 14, 2009

For Mother's Day, McKay bought me a new computer, a 22" monitor, and an HP Printer/FAX/Color Copier. WAHOO! And big points for him. Anyhow, the printer arrived adn we were setting it up last night....well he was since I just got called into Y.W. and we have Mutual

Taking inspiration from my darling cousin Elisabeth who blogs about her and her hubby's funny conversations, this conversation ensued between McKay and I last night.

McKay:Is the the only paper you have? I don't think it fits

Makana: Yeah, I picked it up at WalMart, doesn't it fit? It was the cheapest

McKay: No, this needs smaller paper

Makana: Oh, darn HP, everything is specialized. I will return it and get some more

McKay: We should just open up our own Dunder-Mifflen and then we wouldn't have to pay for paper

Makana: We should just open up our own Micheal Scott Paper Company and we would could put Dunder-Mifflin out of business

McKay: Yeah, let's do it.

Makana: I have to blog about this conversation.

.... man, I LOVE "the office."

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