Better than Black Friday

by - August 15, 2009

Sometime I get teased for my serious obsession with coupons. My dad was a HUGE coupon guy. If there was not a coupon for it, we did not do it. End of story. I thought is was so cheap and tacky. Now look at me.. here.

Kroger (aka Ralphs, Smiths etc), hosted a one day double coupon sale. What that means is for one day only, your .55 coupon is actually $1.10. Your $1 coupon? It is really $2.

Since we already had a lot of things, I was going strictly for the "REALLY-GOOD-FREE-OR-ALMOST-DEAL.

My results:
Here and Kroger double sale results: $ Spent $68 SAVED $280!!!!!!!!!!

I am the woman
I will say this, I went at 4am. One of my friends was there from 1a-7a and another from 11:15p-4a. It was almost empty when I got there and everything was beign re-stocked which was PERFECT!
Things I got:
Lactaid Milk
Horizon (organic milk) single milks
Keebler Topper Crackers
Crayola crayons
Mustard and spicy brown mustard
Energizer batteries
Pillsbury rolls
Ice cream pops
Easy mac
El Monterey Tornadoes
Stain remover
Glade plug ins
Cinnabon granola bars
Dannimals and Activia yogurt (money maker)

I will stop there... go ahead, you can admire me

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