Publish a book: Accomplished!

by - October 01, 2009

Yep. You read right. After days and nights and nights and days of working and researching and reading.. it is finally and officially done! You can buy it here.

Paperback: $28
eBook: $12.50
PDF file via check or paypal $10. You will have to email me.

I think I will post some feedback:

I am so excited about your book! I just ordered a copy and this couldn’t have been more timely. My daughter and I have been discussing raising our own food and trying to store it.

This is such a wonderful accomplishment and I am so proud of you. This book will help others and be a blessing in the process. It has been on my heart to get back to basics and cultivate our lifestyles as our great grandparents and grandparents did. There was no waste and everything was fresh. My biggest hang up has been how to get started and now I have a manual.-April

Congratulations to you! What a wonderful thing to add to your list of many accolades, M.C

This woman is amazing and just so sweet.

I wanted to pass this on incase you were thinking about storing some food and had some questions on how to do it.

I know you will enjoy the book!

I personally think it is well worth the investment to have a guide like this to help storing your food.

It is time to think like a squirrel!. Lisa

Feel free to shower me with praise as well... :) Really though. There were times I was so excited and others I was really frustrated and wanted to just give up. Thank you to McKay, Tia and Amber for the editing jobs and everyone else who are to numerous to name (I feel like I just won an award. I am glad Kayne is not here to steal the spotlight... or whatever is name was)

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