Things I never knew

by - October 11, 2009

  • like that i could be too busy to blog
  • that baby barf looks a lot like cottage cheese.
  • that I can not eat cottage cheese know from said baby barfing
  • how much I really do like hot weather
  • that getting mail truly does bring me joy. Real mail from real people. Not bills or "current resident".
  • how great families are. truly
  • that visiting teaching is oober important and its time to repent
  • halloween is a great holiday. I think i have fallen in love with pumpkins
  • and i have fallen in love with gummy worms
  • and with Stein Mart.
  • it is almost impossible for me to be happy when I don't get sleep
  • Murpheys law: when I go to sleep, everyone else wakes up.
  • my true long lasting love for book and vanilla cocoa will be my downfall

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