Email dependence. Please respond

by - August 13, 2010

I am Dependant on air and water and food. Without it, I will not survive. When I leave the house, I always have my car keys, lip gloss on incredible G1 Phone. I have to. Its like air. Or ice cream. 

So is posting. It is how I de-stress. I know, I am weird but chances are that if you are even reading this then you have a blog too.

Which brings me to this point. If you ever change your password, write it down. If you changes your password write it down twice. I did not. I failed to do either. And now I have a new email. I will probably have to get another blog address. {or just get my old one back.} I locked myself out of all of my blogs so I am writing under Mckay's.

Good thing it is my birthday week. And a Friday. Because I think this could whole thing could possibly make me go grey. And lose my marbles. And let's be honest, I only have a cracked brown and yellow marble left so I can't really afford to lose anymore.

On a more spiritual and insightful note, I felt prompted to just jot down the new password. I didn't. And now look. Its not a tragedy but my life could be that much easier if I would have heeded. So there is your lesson for the week. When you feel like you should do something, do it. I am recommitted now. I am better prepared. I am acutely aware of how not responding can bring me a whole mess that could have easily been avoided

Oh, last thing. Since the comments you make are kept private unless I publish it, please send me your email. Thank you. Gratsi. Mahalo.

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