Root Beer Floats

by - August 22, 2010

I. Want. Root Beer. Right. Now.

What is it about root beer floats? Is is the foamy mustache you get or the fizzy ice cream that rocks your taste buds? Is it the memory of grandmas house in the summer or the after-youth dance party at Denny's?

Today I stayed home from Church. The toddler has been sick these past two days and is finally showing signs of recovery. We spent our first ever entire weekend at home. Yup, we didn't do a single thing beside lots of cuddle time. Needless to say I did my own share of unhealthy eating. Ice cream, fruit pops, pretzel m&m's. Nachos. BLT's and an entire jug of Cherry Limeade. And I just pulled a batch of Cheesecake brownies out of the oven, moments before the heat consumed their short but delicious lives. As they were cooling my mind instantly went to the fridge. What should we have with it? We are fresh out of ice cream. My mixer is broken so that means no homemade whip cream. Milk. We will have to have milk. The hubbs 2%. The toddler Organic. The Momma Coconut milk. And then a vision of root beer floats pop into my mind. It was brought on by the homemade whip cream and one of many times where the train in my brain goes on a different track.

Now the brownie sitting in from of me is not so appealing. All I can think about it Root Beer Floats. I have Root Beer in the Pantry. It is a food storage item. I will have to get ice cream and whip cream and cherries though. Sigh, it will have to wait until tomorrow. We can have it for Family Night. Yes, that is what we will do. Until then,. I better find if they make freeze dried Root Beer Floats.

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