Conversations with a 2 year old

by - November 15, 2010

Well, I should say conversations with myself with the two year old giving me a blank stare most of the time. Every night is a new adventure trying to get Jaedyn to settle down and eat something and not just drink her juice. Well tonight was particularly challenging because she decided to eat a whole pack of gum as an appetizer and follow up with a nice hearty meal of M&M's that I spilled all over the ground. 

Anyway, the wife and I had discovered that she really liked this green bean recipe that they were giving out at Kroger on Saturday, so Makana made some. Because of her prior "meal" she refused to eat anything but her juice. And so I resorted to my "superior skills of persuasion" to help her see the wisdom of eating her green beans.

"Jaedyn, you love these green beans - remember you ate them on Saturday" (blank stare)
(picking up fork and pushing it near her mouth, she turns her head) "Come on Jaed eat a few bites" (Still refuses)

"Okay Jaedyn, ONE, TWO..."
"Too" (shows 3 fingers)
(turning to the wife) "this really doesn't work if she counts with you..."

"Jaed you know what? Belle always eats her green beans. She loves them and she wants you to eat the too. She knows that to become a princess you have to eat green beans. Go on eat the green beans like Belle does. She will be so happy for you." (I know, I'm shameless - but it still didn't work).

Okay last resort - "Okay 'nigh nigh' if you don't eat anything" (threaten this three times before finally taking her to her bed and then she starts crying). "Okay, are you going to eat some green beans then?" (She finally eats the green beans and not just one, all of them!)

"Okay now that you ate, let's go hopping (shopping)! Go get your shoes!" 
As she walks by her bedroom to get her shoes..."Bye, bye nigh nigh"

The Daddy

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