California Wedding

by - December 18, 2010

"...Its like raaaiinn on your wedding day..." Well, it was for my sisters. You can check out more photos by Amy Wright.  It turned out to be just beautiful regardless of the rain.

The toddler and I were lucky enough to fly out to Sacramento for the sealing and reception. Going back to "the Farm" is really good for me. What? How?! No internet, muddy roads, no heat save for the log fireplace?!

Nothing really changes. And in a world that is always changing, its nice to know that there is a little corner that never does.

We had a great time with the family. And just could not get enough of the relaxing and laughing and of course, who could forget that this is where I first met Marcell the Shell. Just you tube it if you are confused.

Now you know what I meant by relaxing

Yes, that is Uncle Dav'es face on that $20

These are my sisters

BJ'S with the beanie club

My dear friend "Sweet Cheeks". We have been friends for a while

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