its been a week

by - January 28, 2011

On Sunday we had a lesson in RS about simplifying. RS, other wise known as Relief Society, otherwise known as the largest womens organization in the world, is something that everyone should be a part of. Yes, even if you are not Mormon. Its kinda awesome. It really does change lives. Aside from that however, is that I have been contemplating my relationship with God, my family and fellowman. And I have come to the conclusion that....

I am loved. Everyone is loved. By God.

He knows me.

He knows my needs.

He hears and answers my prayers.

He knows my hearts of hearts and what a need.

And... I have proof. Yup. Absolute proof.
It started on Sunday. I thought about using the toddler and her lack of sleep the night before as an excuse not to go. I felt ugly. I felt fat. And in a closet of clothes my spoiled self had "nothing to wear". I am glad I went. It was a wake up call. On three separate occasions I was told by three people all in various circumstance of how much I am loved and appreciated. Needless to say, on a day like I felt I had, I was all teary-eyed.

But it didn't stop there. Throughout this week of introspection I have been given daily doses of seemingly unordinary reminders of love. A sweet email, a FB comment from a long-ago friend, special attention from my family, a "how are you" during a role play experience that left me feeling it was really ME she was asking about, not my character. The list goes on and on.

Forgive me for being so personal. I know we all have felt sad and unimportant. And I just don't want to forget that I have been the recipient of daily doses of God's love this week. Because, truly it has been a week. And without Him, I would be weak.

And what would be a worthwhile post without a picture to attend it?
So, here is a random one from Christmas 2010 of the toddler "tough-loving" her cousin. Both are reasons enough of God's love

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