How I survive

by - February 24, 2011

Big sigh......
Mon-work, FHE, study
Tue-work, BBall or Hula, study
Wed-work, Bball, laundry
Thur-work, Institute, volleyball
Fri-work, watch kiddos, clean!
Sat-errands, play, clean, prepare for Sunday
Sun-church, mtg, dinner w family or friends

I have been thinking about how I always feel that my "to do" list is never ending. I don't mean in the trivial things either but in the things that matter. Up until recently I was feeling really down. Like "I-have-no-self-value-I-will-never-be-good-enough" I know. You MUST be thinking "But you are always so happy and have it together!" To that I just have to say uuhmmm, WHO are you talking about exactly?  :0)

I have realized that one busy toddler (read: gets into everything before I can even blink) and two busy adults (we have 3 hours together as a family at night. That is, if I managed to get everything done during the day. I am not home every day from 830 or 9am to 3 or 4 pm). That's not a lot of  time for scriptures, dinner, bath, prayer and playing.

After a year of loosing this battle to messes and other things, I have worked out a great plan. You will love it. I know you will.

BALANCE! Well, more accurately, organizing and time management. Time is finite. We know this from experience. So, I thought I would share some ways that we have devised to make each moment matter. (Insert a big thank you to technology even though it will take over our lives)

First: Messes. Do you have a problem with this? Dishes, toys, laundry? I put a basket by the Toddlers door. She or me or daddy puts all of her things that came out during the whopping 4 or 5 hours we were at home that day. Then, when I do have a few spare moments before her bedtime, I quickly put it away. In our apt a little mess looks like a big mess so it is really important to stay on top of this.
Dishes: I load and the hubbs unloads. How this works is that I actually won't do the dishes. He hates dirty dishes. So, he unloads and puts away and I am happy to stick them in and press wash.
Laundry: We don't have a W/D in our apt. For a few reasons being its an old apt and I don't want to spend $$ on an old w/d.  On Wed when the hubbs is at Basketball, I turn on one of my favorite shows or a book I have been wanting to read or tackle my email box while the laundry spins happily at the laundry mat across the complex. And I get a few minutes of brisk walking in too :) For the record, on a good week I work out 3 or 4 times a week at 5:45 am.

Second: Staying in touch. Family, friends, marriage. This is a hard one and an important one. For this I am thankful for FB, Blogs, and text messages. I use my free moments in the car to call family or friend (who are t-mobile so I get free calling). I spend 10 minutes in the morning checking FB and 15 minutes at night reading blog posts (while I am laying in bad at 9:00pm)
Now for the best part: MARRIAGE! We are lucky enough to do a babysitting trade each week. We go to institute class during the week and trade tending the kids another night of the week. IT'S PERFECT! We are able to spend time as a couple and in learning about the scriptures. DOUBLE BONUS! Oh yeah, and since it is a trade it is free. I love free. We also text throughout the day and even send google invites to each other to various TV Watching nights. More on that little gem later.

Third: BALANCE! This is all about calendar. Specifically the google calendar and the google phone. Now, here is where people can say they hate google. Thats ok. There are a lot other tools and apps out there to get you in sync.
Remember being in school or when you were on a mission. Remember having to PLAN YOUR DAY? Well, that is what we do. We plan when we are going to read the scriptures, workout, eat for dinner, Skype, etc. Its awesome. We always know what we are going to do and when. Yes, there are days when "the plan" doesn't happen. But that's ok. There is so much satisfaction in knowing that it is there.

Some days, some moments, I feel overwhelmed. I feel silly. I feel so small and underwhelmed. But I know that I can get through it. Flowers and Treats or Ice cream generally does the trick :)

What do you do to manage? Have you felt like this before? Did this post help at all? (its taken me three years to figure this out. Amazing. Yes , that was sarcasm)

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