Family Motto

by - March 13, 2011

Janice Kapp Perry. I owe you.

We had the privileged of having her come and speak to us. Her and her quite inspired husband both spoke to us. What was said was so special there are not even words for it. It did strike a forgotten thought though. And that was thought filed away somewhere was on our non-existing family motto.

After reading this coupled with the presentation, we came up with this.

The toddler inspired it actually. She has been pretty sick and it has been a bit scary. We have found family mottos we like but I think that taking someone'e else's just defeats the purpose. Like this one. Wish I would have come up with it myself. But I was inspired so mission accomplished.

Now I am getting off track.

Well the toddler has been sick... blah blah blah blah ... ok. And in her most delirous moments she is crying and shaking and then screaming and crying again and she says "Momma! Wer you?!" And then she starts to sing "lead.... guide.....wok uhside me...."

oh geeze, I am getting the keyboard all sorts of wet now.

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