Texas is for lovers... of Rodeo Dates

by - March 10, 2011

I first saw this slogan plastered attractively to a brown fitted womens tee. That tee was being worn by my friend S. And I knew I loved it. I mean, I know people that live in Texas have this absurd pride in their state. I am sure you have met them. They are the "texas-loving, flag-carrying, gun-owning" folks.

Apparently I am too. Because I love it here. I love the heat, humidity and the (drumroll please.....)

Houston RODEO! YEE HAW! I know. You are jealous. Its ok. You can come visit. And sleep on my couch.

Alrighty folks, hang in there, I DO have a point. Well, I think I have a point. Similar to how I feel about making dinner some days. If I rumage long enough I am sure to find something good.

Ok. Admit it. That was worth waiting for while I rummage around. 

The other thing is, like making dinner, sometimes things just do not go as planned. For instance: making taco's only to realize there is no cheese to be found. Taco's sans cheese=gross. 

For instance: Western Date Planned for Friday+sick-as-dog-toddler=NO DATE! 
Bummer for her. Bummer for me. Bummer all around. But I did put effort into this so now you get to benefit from my cheese-less taco's. I will just pretend we went and pretend that the taco's were yummy.

I stashed the wanted poster under his windshield in the morning so he saw it when we was headed to work. When he came home we made these matching bandanna's. The toddler helped. Then we headed to the Houston Rodeo! 

I had a made an all country only cd for the ride down. We had a great time seeing all the animals and watching the cowboys ride the bulls. We even showed off our country dancing skills acquired in Provo, UT! We loved the deep-fried Fat and the chocolate covered hot dogs. (well, I am sure it would have been fun). 

Disclaimer: I have been to the Rodeo each year we have lived in Houston and I love it. So, that is 2 for me, 0 for the hubbs. I am making him go with friends while I stay with the sick-as-a-dog-toddler. Me+sewing machine+mostly sleeping toddler=heaven!
 If you don't have a rode near by, you can have your own. Check out Love-Actually Wild Wild West post

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