We heart New York

by - March 05, 2011

I surprised McKay today with a trip to NEW YORK! You can make your own here. I got the idea months ago from Cher here. Things have been a little stress-full 'round these parts lately so I knew it was time for a vacation... well at least for a a few hours.

I gave him our tickets to New York and off we went! Oh yeah, first gotta put in the red lipstick. LOVE IT!

First to the New York Pizzeria. This was a kids size slice! Wanna see the large we shared? Doya doya doya?

What would a day in NY be without a little shopping? So we picked up some strawberry oil and lemon vinegar. Don't judge. It it De-lish! As you can see there are about a bazillion flavors... well close to a bazillion anyhow. :)

Then off to the indoor central park! If you didn't know, when it gets windy and below 70* in these parts that means we stay inside. Don't you dare judge! We can handle the heat here, yes sir-ree. And I know that most of you can not. So you leave me to my indoor park at 70* alone. Thank you. (can you tell I am touchy)

And let's face it, what kind of New Yorker-wanna be's would we be without a stop across the bridge at the famous Brooklyn Ice cream Factory! Ok, it Orange Leaf but lets not get picky here folks. Like the NY shirt the hubbs made sure he wore?

Well we had a great time and after we were so tired. I have no idea how you New Yorkers do it.

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