Awkward and Awesome... I WON! again

by - April 14, 2011

Seriously sweet lovelies, I hope this winning streak continues! But first, (drumroll please because I know that you all have been refreshing your page since midnight JUST to read my A&A moments)

1) Emailing people about a bloggers night out that I have never before. Kinds cool but mostly scary
2) Playing Words with Friends with my little sister and she getting 4000 points for the word "SEX". Mostly awkward bc even it is just a word, she is my little 21 year old sister saying it who is always 9years old in my head
3) Getting a text that says "call me! Its jessica and it is important" followed by a voicemail "I know my number comes up as unknown but its me so pick up next time". Pretty sure I don't know a Jessica and pretty sure you telling me to pick up my phone and talk to will not happen. Stranger Danger!
4) Watching a car accident happen right in front of me. The pizza guy ran a really red light. Not so much awkward as just note-worthy. Everyone was fine and now I will never drive through an intersection ever.
5) at the Menu of Menus and I was pretty sure that after I asked these 21 year old girls a question, they proceeded to make fun of my jeggins and red lipstick. Whatevah'. Leave me and my lipstick alone! (not that I think people talk about me but sometimes "you just know" especially when you can hear them because they are still squished right up behind you in line)

1) I can spell awkward now w/o help
2)WINNING tickets to this from Vicky. (Date Idea coming up next!)
3) Getting 100% on my test! Triple Awesome points!
4) (maybe not that awesome for me but it was funny)
toddler: I need a snack (on the way home from school)
me: Ok. (half not really listening because it takes 15 minutes to get home)
toddler: There! stop mom there! (pointing to Wendys)
me: thinking "for real? ok this could be funny... or a disaster"
toddler: mmmm, lepts see.... chawcolat shake.
me"Chocolate shake? uhm, ok. Anything else?
toddler; YES! FWIES!
me: and fries??? ok.
toddler: and hot dog and pizza.
me: no way
....on the way home with shake and fries in tote
toddler: tank you mom, now i am all betters.
me: thinking "when did she learn so many words????"

my silly attempt to be somewhat like Sydney. Pretty sure it is awkward for everyone. 

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