Guest Blogger: Young People in Love

by - April 18, 2011

Hello there, Texas-is-for-Lovers...lovers! My name is Sam from Young People in Love! Sweet Makana asked me to do a guest post so I thought I'd share with ya'll (get it? Ya'll? Texas??) some of my favorite things right now.

First off, is my husband, Chas. Shocker. You can read all about our adventures being young and in love on our blog (link to blog). For now, just know that I love his guts. 

Next up, is our Scootie child. With the spring weather finally coming around, our little scooter is back in action! And what Scootie ride would be complete without a darling helmet?

Now let me tell you about twirling hugs. If you wanna know more about Sam & Chas, twirling hugs is a good place to start.
Chas is tall, dark, and handsome. Back when we first started dating, he would pick me up off the ground when he hugged me. I guess it seemed only natural to start twirling at the same time. 

This was the twirlingest hugs of all twirling hugs- taken outside the temple, right after getting married.

Speaking of all things twirling, I did this painting inspired by twirling. Oh yeah. Did I tell you I paint sometimes?

I also have an etsy shop  where I sell my art prints and original paintings.

So let's see...we've got Chas, Scootie, twirling hugs, and art. Yup. I think that pretty much sums me up! 
For more Young People in Love! action, come pay us a blog visit and say hello! We'd love to be friends.

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