Hello new best friends. Welcome to Australia

by - April 02, 2011

Hi there y'all (yup, I live in Houston and I just KNOW you are jealous!)
And a SPECIAL HELLO to my new friends that found me from "Just because I said I DO"
'Remember this post about my little announcement of mine regarding my favorite little place down undah"?


 (that was my prolonged day pause since yesterday was the WORST holiday invented ever!!)

We went to AUSTRALIA! And it was awesome and I bet you are jealous. Oh, I'm sorry did you want to come too?

Ok I suppose that since you are my new bff's I will let you come too. Heck, why not take the whole family?! But please don't bring your dogs. Well, puppies at least. And not the cocker-spaniel kind. Because I heart them and I used to have one and I don't anymore and it makes me so very very very sad.

And that was a tangent. I hate math!

Click on over here to see the rest of my awesome date. And if you want a few more date ideas, just scroll down this here page folks.

In the meantime, I will be spending the whole weekend with these folks.

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