versatile blog award.. totally AWESOME!

by - April 28, 2011

I am sure my winning streak is coming to and end. And I am ok with that. In fact, I am excited to finish on this note... Winner of the Versatile Blogger award! Oh glory! Isn't it great?! Thank you to A perfect Dose of life for the award. Mmmmmwwwaaaaa!

So, here are 7 random facts about me. In no particular order

1. I like ice cream and generally eat a small bowl or a spoonful every day.
2. I can spend a whole day doing nothing but reading a book.
3. I played volleyball through my first two years of college
4. I have never had a broken bone or stitches...
5. But my intestines just don't work very well so I have spent my fair share in the hospital for that instead
6. I used to swim in the irrigation canals behind my house growing up. I apparently saw nothing wrong with  that even when my sweet mommy told me not to.
7. One day I want to teach at a University.
Ok, sweeties, now I get to pass this lovely award on to 7 lucky ladies.

1) Just because I said I do
2) In between days
3) The Fox Family
4) Racing Towards Joy
5) Kendi Everyday
6) Love is everywhere
7) Young people in love

and go congratulate them. Actually. if you are quick enough you may even beat me to it!

Just some quick awesome and awkward moments too:

  1. Awesome: 
  2. Winning a lot more
  3. Having family come visit
  4. Going to the beach... oh how I love you!
  5. going to AMERICAS GOT TALENT. More of that to come


  1. being asked why I don't have more than one child. Please stranger, use a filter when you speak. Thank you
  2. Crying almost a whole day because of above mentioned comment
  3. taking "clothing model shots" in public. Awkward in so many ways
  4. trying to discipline my toddler in public when she hits me and pulls my hair and lots of people are watching.

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