Guest Blogger: Love is everywhere

by - May 06, 2011

Ya'know why I like blogging? Well dontcha? 
ONE of my many reasons is that I get to "meet" so many FABulous people. And Miss Katie here is no exception
So please folks, pull up a chair, grab your drink of choice (currently mine is ICE COLD WATER) and have a little read here. Don't forget to tell me and Katie what you think and follow along with us. 
Hello to all of Momma-Kana’s beautiful friends!! I’m very excited to be here today to share a little about me and my blog. My name is Katie and I’m the writer at Love is Everywhere. I’ve always enjoyed writing but it wasn’t until this past year that I seemed to change the gears to overdrive and went full force into blogging. I should also mention that I take tons of pictures!

 I enjoy life and all that’s included. That narrows it down to.. well everything! I turn to writing because I’m at the point in my life that I can’t keep watching the news when there is nothing but negativity to report. I rather show people the beauty in the world and send a sweet reminder that Love is truly everywhere! We just need to work together to help each other see that.

So a little about me. I have a wonderful boyfriend, Charlie. We’ve been together for what seems like forever will be 10 years this coming August. He’s my life, my hero, and my rock. If you stop by my blog you’ll notice he’s mentioned quite often, because he’s just that cool ;) Our little family consists of two really awesome cats, Minnie & Nevan and a 1 yr old Yorkie named Peanut. Oh, I forgot to mention Peanut shows up quite frequently at Love is Everywhere since he’s the cutest little dude you’ve ever seen. 
 I would love to thank the very beautiful, Momma-Kana for letting me visit with all of you. Her blog is truly amazing, she's a true sweetheart! Have a lovely day and I hope you’ll stop bye & say hello. 

With all my love,

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