Oahu I love you

by - May 25, 2011

Did you know I went to school at BYUH?
I betcha didn't!
I betcha also didn't know that I studied tourism and hospitality.
(And I betcha didn't know that EVERY time I step off the plane I feel like I have come home. I think Heaven must be hawaii. If its not, well I just don't want to go then. Guess I will just have to live forever.)

but.... back to the point,
That makes me a great person to go on vaca with. Promise. I'll come with you if you need proof.

I love hawaii  and Oahu for these among many reasons: (thank you gracious photo source: robbie)

the sun and sand

 the flowers and smells

 great place to jump

and incredible places to worship

Many times a year I get emails from people asking what do I do on Oahu. So here goes. 
Spear fishing
Deep sea fishing
Parasailing (unless you have done it before)
Hike Monawillies
Hike Stairway to Heaven
Take surfing lessons (free if you got connections)
or at $30 Waikiki. Or pay a student cheaper)
Go snorkeling at Sharks Cove (free)
Eat at Angels for Shaved Ice ($4)
Ted's Bakery for Haupia Pie ($3)
7-11 by BYUH for Spam Musubi ($1.50)
Breakfast Buffet at Turtle Bay ($25)
Pearl Harbor
Swap Meet (Wed)
LDS Temple
PCC and Night Show

and where to stay? 
Look into Vacation rentals. Best deal around. 

So, now that you can stalk me if you are there the same time as me, 
please tell me what YOU like to do in paradise. C'mon, don't hold back now folks

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