Theory on motherhood

by - May 07, 2011

Isn't this a question for the ages!
However, I strongly believe that if you just ignore the little belamites they will just get the hang of things. I mean, who really wants to discipline anyhow.
or change diapers
or got o the park
or clean up oatmeal on the walls
or put away their clothes

My new theory is to just plaster everything in plastic, say NO to everything, and complain 24/7 about how tough being a mom and a wife is.

Oh, and please don't forget that it is also high time to forget how to really talk and listen. I know that if you spend all the time on the computer and your nose in your cell phone, you will have a large posterity in 20 years thanking you for the parent you were.

or you could just read this,  and this remember that getting dirty with your bedlamites, wiping away tears, snuggling up in the middle of the day, and having plenty of daughter dates is the key to happiness. Because, you after all, a mother. A woman. A wife. A daughter of a King. And you can do no less than your very best.

Happy Mothers day to you all noble and great ones

These are taken by Brandon Osmond. You can read more about their family here. I love these two pictures for a lot of reasons. But mostly because it is one of the few that has me with the two loves of my life.

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