Awkward Thursdays

by - June 16, 2011

There you go folks, just for your viewing pleasure. Nothing beast old college photos of the hubbs. 
Especially when it was disco skating night at the local provo skating ring

1. Planning to go to the mall only to realize that AFTER we got all ready to go I didn;t have my car seat. THEN dealing with a screaming 2 3/4year old while neighbors peek outside their doors. 
2. Having my hall lined with my food storage after a mad rampage to kill a certain texas-sized bug that crawled into the dark food storage room. It took seconds to toss everything out. Its been 4 days and I still have yet to put everything back
3. Old and extra fat men in speedos. That is never awesome
4. Meeting new friends at the splash pad only to realize afterwards that my swim coverup had snot on the shoulder. And it was not recent. 
5. ... sitting here for 15 minutes wondering what I can put as my last awkward moment. I think this is it

1. Getting a surprise of TREAT Cupcakes. Make that two. I love friends that know how to win my loyalty. 
2. Starting to train for my half-marathon... again. 
3. Price-matching PLUS couponing to get incredible prices on groceries this week. 
4. My BIL coming home from the Philippines from a business trip and bringing me a new purse!
5. Getting my Mothers Day gift in the mail this week from My Belle Boutique. and my new blog below

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