Cute Baby finalist!!!

by - June 21, 2011

I never thought I would lobby to win something... well, I would if it were a Silhouette machine. And apparently my nephew means as much to me as the silhouette. Okay, he means a LOT more than that. Wanna see?

darling huh? 
So here I am, down on my knees asking you to go "like" him. 

but don't worry, there is something for you to. After you "LIKE" Mason, you can scroll to the bottom and fill out a 2 minute baby pop-quiz. You them will be entered to win. I NEVER used to win anything but during Easter I won ever blog contest I entered.
Shoulda' played the lottery..... (sigh)

and so I can also get my ETC done: This is for you
and there are my crazy eyes and sisters. 
and the one w the pink sash (also the one with perfect teeth) is having a baby. Or an alien. 

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