Madonna inspired Mommy Thoughts

by - June 14, 2011

I am not quite sure where this post is going so bare with me. It has been on my mind for a bit. Did you know there are TWO national turn of TV events each year?

I spent last week virtually disconnected from the internet. Want to know what I did? Of course you do

I read. 
I wrote thank you notes
I played
I took pictures to prove I was being a good mom
having fun in the sprinklers. This went on and on for HOURS!
Now this week the hubbs car is in the shop so I am home-bound for a week. What have I done?
I ran
I de-cluttered
I made yummy treats with my daughter
I wrote to old friends
I made new friends
I napped
I spent a LOT of time with my daughter playing in her world

There is so much "noise" in our lives. And I worry that it is growing louder and louder. No longer is it just static. It is a full on attack against the family and the core-beliefs of Christendom. And that gets my goat. I was listening to one of my favorite speakers John Bytheway called Turn off the TV and get a life. (You can download it for free). And he pointed out this comment by Masonna
"In case you find your will wavering regarding media, perhaps you can draw some inspiration from a most unlikely source - the star Madonna.
In Redbook, January 1997, she described her attitude towards TV this way: 

“TV's poison,” she says, “... to grow up and not have a sense of responsibility, to have everything taken care of, to be plopped in front of a television instead of being read to or talked to or encouraged to interact with other human beings is a huge mistake, and that's what happens to a lot of children.”

When asked about her daughter Lourdes being exposed to Internet when she is a bit older, Madonna's
reply was, “She's not going on-line. No!... If she wants to talk to people, she can invite them over. The
people who like going on-line the best are people who can't sustain a relationship for more than five
minutes.” source
Thank you Madonna. 
I guess I am just tired of it all. The tweets, The facebook, the lack of real conversation and deep thought in Teenagers, the way testing words have become part of  "normal" face to face conversation. We really do not watch a lot of TV in our house. We don't have netflix or cable. We don't have shows that we have to watch. And I bet that this is actually pretty accurate for many people as well.It makes me wonder "What is the point of TV"
 Actually, just after hearing the talk I went through and tossed all my PG 13 movies. I really don't need to hear my Lords Name used in Vain and in anger. I don't need to watch other people making love. I don't need to see teenagers seeking abortion when there are millions of families who would take them as their own. TV tells me I am not good enough. That being a SAHM is easy and a cop-out. That I need the new iPad. That I need to be better, faster, thinner. You know what?! I know that already!!! I know I need to be better. And I am working on it. 

By writing thank you notes that are long over due
By reading to my little girl until she falls asleep
By trying to patch pants and sew seams
By learning new things from free classes to make me a better me
By going to bed early and rising early and eating healthier
By giving my husband the love and attention he needs throughout the day
And most of all, By serving my Lord by doing what He asks me to do. 
And here is the thing. I don't feel overwhelmed. I don't feel inadequate. I feel really good about myself. We still watch TV each day. Just a little bit in the morning on PBS. But I no longer listen to music that is not in line with God. I don't watch things that desecrate the Lords name. I want my daughter to figure out who she is without the influences of Hollywood. I want our home to be totally safe, a real refuge from the world. 

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